January 23, 2021

How to become a YouTube Sensation

Youtube has forever changed how people go about finding information or even entertainment. If you want to learn how to grill a T-bone cheeseburger, you won’t need to call your dad buy 4000 watch hours on youtube or even read a book; just execute a search on Youtube and you get a step by step tutorial on what to do it. If you are bored with nothing to watch on TV, you can easily lose hours of your day getting embroiled in watching parodies on Youtube by Youtube gurus such as Lisa Nova, Watch The Guild, ijustine or The Hillywood Show.

Many everyday people are discovered on Youtube but simply because you distribute a video it doesn’t guarantee you will be a success or even get a bunch of subscribers. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

  1. ) Purchase a decent video camera or web cam.
  2. ) Clean studio. Make sure the area you propose to do your recording is clean and clutter-free. There is nothing worse than seeing a bunch of clutter behind the person on camera to distract your viewers.
  3. ) Light it up. You want to make sure that you offer plenty of light for your recording sessions. You will need to invest in some good lights which means your face, body and background are well lit. Make sure the lighting looks natural. Do not point a desk light straight at your face so you end up with a huge, harsh glowing shiny spot in the middle of your brow. Diffuse the light so that it’s soft looking on the face.
  4. ) Dress and grow groomed for the part. Whether what you are doing parodies, teaching tutorials or just trying to get your name and face out there, you need to dress appropriately.

Make sure nice hair is styled and not hiding your face. Wear some makeup even if it’s just to conceal skin problems. A little makeup goes a long way but too much can put off your audience.

Make sure clothing is clean and nothing too revealing. You do not necessarily want to appeal just to one sex by using sex appeal. The idea of being a Youtube sensation is to gather as many viewers as possible. Just think, some viewers are parents, fathers and even grandparents so you don’t want to flaunt “your goods” to the world. You can be sexy without being slutty.

  1. ) Offer something unique to your audience. Give them a reason why they should watch your tutorial over Miss Competitor that has already 100k subscribers.
  2. ) Observe the competition. If you want to be the next makeup tutorial guru, watch videos of your competitors. Discover why they are so popular and take notes. How do they market their Youtube channel? What clearly works for them to gather such a wide audience?
  3. ) Speak clearly and make sure your volume is defined at an appropriate setting which means your viewers can hear your video clearly without necessity to arrive their personal volume right up.
  4. ) Do not infringe on any copyrights. Whether it is music, Television shows or movies; you must personally own the protection under the law to any music and footage you feature in your videos. If you want to use a popular song, you must contact the music company that owns the rights to the music for permission.
  5. ) Get comfortable with video editing. A lot of your video attractiveness for the audience is because of how you edit your videos. You will need to either get a friend to help you out that has familiarity with using video editing software or review some tutorials on what to use video editing software programs.
  6. ) Get in on social networking to maximize your viewing audience. Get a Twitter account, Facebook account and create a fan page and a personal website or blog where your audience can get more information about you and your videos. Be sure to advertise these Urls on your Youtube account and video description information.

These steps will not guarantee 100% success but it is surely a begin the right path to the start of your Youtube career.

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